Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've been putting off my May block for PTQB because I haven't ever made a Drunkards Path block before and it scared me. I HATE being late. I usually get my blocks out before the middle of the month but I kept dragging my feet with this block. Stephanie emailed me today to see if I had done it. She completed hers today and wanted to let me know it wasn't hard. She told me she was thinking of making a whole quilt with those blocks. My first thought was "That girl's crazy!". I decided to go for it tonight and it was so easy! I'm embarrassed at how long it took me to even try to attempt it. The block took less than a half an hour. It probably would have taken less time but lets just say I was going really slow on this block.

Here it is... Allison sent out fabrics from the Hello Betty line which I really like.
I think I may join my crazy friend Stephanie and make a whole quilt with this block.

By the way, remember my beautiful sampler quilt top from Jane's Rainbow block swap? She's organized another swap and this time it's Halloween themed. She's had great response for it and has opened up a fourth section so go take a look. You know you wanna join...


  1. Curves are scary, but I've made a couple of drunkard path's quilts. Once you get a hang of it, they are really fun.

  2. I'm making a whole quilt out of these blocks, too-- but you might want to look at Tula Pink's blog, because her Marble Champ quilt makes half circles instead of quarter circles. That could be easier, I'm not sure.

  3. Really? I can't imagine that being easy....I may just have to give it a try. I'm picturing a puckered mess! I'll have to dig up the link I had for a tutorial and perhaps make a sample. Any tips?

  4. he he he he I felt the same as you did... why did I wait so long to do this block. It wasn't that bad. For some reason mine came up a little (very little) short of 12.5". I e-mailed Allison and she said it was ok.

    Yea... I shamed you into doing it - that will be the first and only time I know!!!! You are the quilting queen.

    Love it! Hope you have a great day!!!