Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My friend Alyson is a busy girl. She's got three active little girls( 7 and under) to tend to, a ginormous Great Dane and a ginormous house to take care of. On top of all that, she freelances as a graphic designer. I get tired just thinking about her days. When I found out she got a kitten to add to all that, I thought she had lost her mind. Then she sent me pictures... Bruno could eat that little kitten but he seems very taken with her. He even sits by her when she eats and waits for her to be done so he can lick the plate. So flippin cute!!! He's found himself a new buddy.
The kitten's name is Yoko. They think it's a she. They haven't taken her to the vet yet to confirm. I say if it turns out to be a he, Alyson should just name him Ono.


  1. Dying from the cuteness of that little bitty fluff!!! Oh dear, I really don't need another cat, but I want one!

  2. I had to call my 13 year old daughter over to the computer so we both could scream, "Oh, how cute is that" !!!

  3. Oh my gosh, that's beyond cute!!!