Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mendocino Madness

I've decided to name this quilt Mendocino Madness or maybe Mad for Mendocino. Either way, I'm CRAZY about this quilt!! Sixteen beautiful blocks by eleven talented ladies from AQB1 ! I'd like to say that I planned the little pinwheels in the corner but I miscalculated the measurements for the border and came up short. Four pinwheels later and all was well in Mushyhed's world. This quilt top measures 74"x74".

Here are the credits for this beautiful creation:
1st row: Barbara, Barbara, Sara, Barbara
2nd row: Kelsey, Tasha, Sarah Ch, Vanessa
3rd row: Barbara, Kvinta (Ann) , Tasha, Jessica
4th row: Dallas, Karen, Sarah Ch, Sarah C

Many, many thanks to the eleven wonderful and talented ladies who help me make this beautiful quilt!!


  1. Oh wow!! I love, love, love, love it!!! I really like how your framed the blocks w/ the thin bit of white. What a talented group we are! :)

  2. Such incredibly talented women! Once again I love your use of the blue.

  3. Wonderful, as always! How will you quilt it?

  4. I LOVE this quilt! Not only is it so beautiful, there is love in every stitch! I can just tell! I hope it's not your last group quilt!

  5. Oh so pretty! More Bahama blue?! That will be a wonderful quilt to snuggle under when you're done!

  6. PRetty darn incredible. What a fabulous quilt and memory project. I love my exchange quilts.

  7. Great job! It looks fantastic!