Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look what I got in the mail today!

My bloggy friend Michelle sent me a present just because she loves me. Okay, I may have won a giveaway. Look at how cute the bag is! I love it! Thank you so much Michelle. Now ya'll go to Michelle's blog and tell her how cute this bag is! Go on! I know! I know! My shorts need ironing. It's been a long day and quit looking at my ugly knees.
Edited to add: I just opened up the purse to put my things in and she even stuck a piece of pink Munki Munki fabric in it. Eeeek!! I love my imaginary friend!


  1. This is the cutest purse. And I am so glad you won... you so deserve it!!!!

  2. What a cute bag! Congrats on a great win ;)

  3. Wow, she is a friend if she's giving you munki munki. Was it ice cream trucks???