Sunday, June 28, 2009

Block making sweatshop

I have been a block making fool this weekend. First up is a block I made for Barbara in my AQB1 group. She has 9 patches from her LQG swap and wanted different blocks to finish up her quilt. This block started out to be one thing but ended up to be something totally different when I was done. I had intended to make a Japanese knot block called Kurume but didn't have enough of the orange fabric for the strips I needed. Six months ago, I would have totally panicked and had a small meltdown. My confidence in quilting has grown and now when things like that happen, I'm okay just winging it. This block is 12.5". The block is suppose to be facing the other way but blogger loaded it up like this and I think I like it better. The next two blocks are 6.5" but this collage makes the pinwheel block look huge. The two blocks are the exact same size. The string x block is the smallest string block I've made to date.
Stephanie is working on finishing her PTQB blocks. She's doing an ABC themed quilt for her daughter. Since 26 blocks is such an odd number for a quilt layout without leaving one or two blocks out, we decided to add 2 more blocks so that she could lay 4 across and 7 down. Somehow, I got suckered into making the two extra blocks. I kid, I kid, I volunteered. She sent me two panels and some scraps and here's the result of first block:

And the second...

See that strip of pears on the left? That almost didn't make it into the block. It was "accidentally "going to fall into MY scrap pile. I love those little pears!
I also made some more nine patches and I think I'm all caught up. I made more scrappy nine patches too but no picture. I've already got it in quilt top form and I'm almost done. I know, another quilt top... I need to stop making them and start finishing some of them.

My niece and I have come to a compromise on her camouflage quilt. Here it is:

It was the only way I could make it work since she also wanted leopard and Nascar fabric included. Yes, my friends, my sister has raised a redneck. Apparently, I do "do ugly". The things you do for those you love. Never in a million years did I think I would EVER utter these words: "Yes, can I have a half yard of the mossy oak camouflage please?". Yikes!


  1. They are amazing! I am beyond excited! SOOOO super cool!

  2. I LOOOOOOVE YOU CHEN!!! Thank you so much. I so love them. Hey those pears are the fabric that I won on LollyChops... she printed it on Spoonflower. How cool is that?! Love that they are in there. Too cool. Oh thank you so much.

    And your niece I hope looks at the camo one day and says yuck. :) he he That is a really cool idea. Go Aunt Chen!

    I love those nine patches... You are going to have a great quilt with those. So cute.

  3. I adore the log cabin "Now I know my ABC's" - they are too cute!!! I LOL about the comment on purchasing the camo fabric - too funny.

  4. Now I'm really laughing. You've got your own sweatshop! Funny. The blogs are lovely and delightful. They will be so incredibly cute. Yes. That pear fabric is fabulous! No scrap heap for that one. Or trash. Some of my scraps are so tiny. I don't know what to do with them but they are cute so I can't toss them.

  5. You've been busy! There must be smoke coming out of your sewing machine. Love the string blocks - you know I'm a goner for string blocks.

  6. You have been busy in the sweatshop! The blocks are all wonderful... I especially love the little "ABC" panel blocks... very sweet. And that tiny string block? So cool!!! (I think I'm starting to see a string quilt in my future!)

    And you are a very wonderful auntie indeed! But if you have to do camo (and Nascar and leopard), I think you've hit on a great way to do it. :)

  7. wow camo! But you did make it look good!

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