Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rainy Saturday

What's a beach girl to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? Go to T.J. Maxx and look for Munki Munki pjs. I didn't find the coveted camper or gnomes but I did find these: The material is 100% cotton but very sheer, almost like a voile. It should make for a very soft quilt. $14.99 each and the best part.... I still have $13.00 left on the gift card!

Michelle has got me hooked on this Flickr swap group. I've got pink HR VW vans coming my way. Yippee!!


  1. I LOVE those butterflies and the elephants too but the butterflies are QT!

    I so wish I could have went shopping today for fabric goodies. I am going to try to go this week. :)

  2. what can I do about getting some of the elephants? I have the other 2 (of course I do)... let's talk...