Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terri's quilt

My friend Jen has a sister that has been battling ovarian cancer for over three years. She has been in and out of remission and just recently found out that the cancer is back. When Jen told me this news, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Jen is one of my closest friends and recently moved back to Minnesota to be closer to her family. I miss her and think of her often. This new setback has obviously upset her and her family and my heart aches for them.

I wanted to make Terri a quilt that she could take to chemo with her. I love pictures and often find comfort in looking at pictures when I'm down. I wanted to add pictures to this quilt but I didn't want to showcase the pictures by framing them. I wanted to somehow incorporate pictures within the quilt. I wanted the quilt to be colorful, bright and happy.
The fabrics I chose were batiks with a bit of gold imprinted on it. I didn't have a pattern but had seen a quilt that I'd like that incorporated pictures in it and I tried to emulate that. I made 9 patches and triangle squares and played around with the placement. I scattered the pictures randomly throughout the quilt in no particular order. I wanted to remind Terri that she always had the love and support of her family...

and that her siblings admired her for her strength and courage...

I wanted her to laugh at the antics of her brother in law (he's wearing his daughter's Little Mermaid wig)...

and see how much her nieces and nephew look up to her...

and if she's having a particularly hard day, I hope she'll look at this sweet face and smile.

I hope Terri likes her quilt. It was truly a labor of love and I enjoyed every minute of making it.

The back of her quilt was just pretty batiks that I pieced together. The finished quilt measures 54"x54".


  1. What a {VERY} beautiful quilt (but then, ALL of your quilts are beautiful!!)! I {KNOW} it will be a wonderful comfort to your friend and her sister. As my mama would say, "You're Good People!"

  2. I am so very sorry. What a fabulous gift though. I am sure it will be a source of terrific comfort for her. You are a wonderful friend.

  3. Nice block arrangement! Very sweet. Reminds me of "the quilt that almost broke me" on my blog (triangles quilt).