Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dandelion Girl Quilt

I finished my second project for Spring to Finish. This is another very simple quilt. I told Stephanie that I would make her MIL a quilt for a swap that we are doing. Stephanie told me that her MIL liked neutral colors and I immediately thought of this. I finished this quilt top back in February and abandoned it for other projects. Craft ADD at it's finest. I have the attention span of a flea. I used 35 charm squares from the Dandelion Girl line by Moda. I added a gold-ish border and a cream sashing and it was done. Simple to put together and I love the end result. I really love charm squares.
The finished quilt measures 50"x64" and will be on its way to Lakeland, FL and hopefully keep Stephanie's MIL warm. Because the average temperature there this week is mid to high 80s. Brrrr!


  1. Chen I seriously dont know where you find the time in th day to complete all of these projects that you do! I mean you are making full on quilts...not easy whip up in an hour projects!

    The quilt looks so nice, and I am sure her MIL will love it. Most of all I am sure she will not be expecting a quilt! What a nice surprise.

    My sisters birthday is this sunday, and she lives in florida. guess what i am sending her...yup a quilt! i told her it will be nice when it gets colder....not sure when that will be but when its cold both my sister and stephanie's MIL will now have a quilt =)

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I told her tonight that she should be getting something soon and it was killing me that I couldn't tell her BUT a surprise is a surprise! Oh this is just the coolest. I love it. love it. love it. And that label is too cool... My husband I still think is in love with you and this quilt. :) And he thinks that I can wip up a quilt in no time too - uh no only Chen can do that - right Sarah!

    And yes brrrr.... it is so cold here in Florida. :) I will send you some pictures of our trip to the beach last weekend. Oh that is just so mean I am so sorry. Sending you some sunshine.