Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carrot table runner

I went to visit my friend Maribeth today and she was making carrot table runners for her daughters and her sister. I consider myself Maribeth's adopted daughter so I hinted around for her to make me one. Uhm, she pointed to the cutting table and told me to make my own. Sheesh, I think the days of Maribeth making me anything are over. She taught me to sew so she knows my capabilities. Actually, it came together pretty easily. The whole project took about 2.5 hours but Maribeth already had all the strips cut for me . It's a quilt as you go project so when you're done with the top, you're also done with the quilting. I found the tutorial online for Maribeth but had zero interest in making one until I saw Maribeth's. It's so cute! She changed the carrot top a little and I like hers better than the way the tutorial has you doing it. I still have to hand sew the binding but that shouldn't take long. The tutorial for the runner is here.
*** See the basket of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs in the right hand corner? I have filled that basket no less than 3 times and that's just this week! And I'm the only one eating them.

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