Sunday, April 5, 2009


It all started Saturday afternoon when I was cleaning off my cutting table so I could start a new project. I had some scraps laying around and decided to make a string x block.
I couldn't visualize it so I had to make four of them.
The next thing I know, it's 3:15 a.m. and I had 33 blocks. I would have made more but I ran out of paper.
A quick trip to Target on Sunday and I was back in business. I made another 15 blocks for a total of 48 blocks. However, removing the paper off 48 blocks sucked! It took FOREVER!!! The result was worth it.

The finished quilt top measures 48"x64". The best part about this quilt top is that it is made COMPLETELY from scraps! Which is great since I signed up for this. I don't think I can make the backing completely from scraps. Actually, I probably could but I'd like to keep my sanity.

I'm thinking of making a queen sized string x quilt from the Amy Butler Midwest Modern collection. I've been hoarding a bunch of it and I haven't touched it because I haven't found a pattern that I love. I'd make a bigger block though, probably 12.5" and add a border. I can't imagine how many 8" blocks is needed to make a queen size one.
The tutorial for the string x blocks can be found here. Obviously, I used paper instead of a muslin foundation base because I didn't want to cut 48- 8.5" muslin blocks. It is waaaaay easier to cut paper.


  1. You should check out and Mary's Blog both are great!

  2. wow chen it looks so great!

    I cant believe you made 33 in one sitting...that is so crazy. I can only imagine your neck must have been sore afterwards =)

    I have my sipderweb quilt pinned and ready to quilt, but I just dont know if I have it in me. I cant wait to see yours all quilted.

  3. Wow, looks great! And congrats on the scrap usage. I'm partial to using muslin myself. It makes the quilt heavier and warmer...perfect for the winter months. My mom loves this design and she's made TONS of them. She has probably made dozens PLUS she has boxes full of blocks waiting to be sewn together.

  4. Wow, it's lovely! Every time I see one of these I almost want to make one. :o)

  5. Looks great! But I'll warn you, quilting all of those bias strips can be a nightmare. I think that's why some of the tutorials want you to stitch them to muslin, that acts as a stabilizer.

  6. That is awesome! So bright and cheery in time for spring.

  7. wow - can't believe you made all those in one go! You must be obsessed.

  8. I love it Chen! Awesome! I think the Midwest modern would look great... I hoard things like that too! He he

    I totally understand how you got sidetracked! You were BUSY!

    Talk to you soon! Have some things to show you.