Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pink and orange improv quilt...DONE!

I don't think there's anything better than a nice, hot crinkly quilt right out of the dryer! Jacquie sent out a challenge last week to turn "works in progress " to finished products during the month of April. I needed that kick in the butt to finish up all my quilt tops. I have at least 5 quilt tops that need to be finished. I know. Ridiculous!

I started with my Project Improv quilt top. I love how colorful this puppy is.

For the backing, I made 4 more improvised blocks and added it to the middle of a very bright pink and orange fabric I found in my stash. You can't really see the pink in the picture but it's there.

The finished quilt measures 44"x56". In the spirit of Project Improv, this quilt will be donated.


  1. You're a superstar. The way that some of the white from the squares blends into the sashing looks so great!

  2. Very the colors

  3. chen,
    this is absolutely gorgeous. i love the saturated colors and love the way the blocks extend to the edge...WONDERFUL!!!

  4. That turned out very cute. The colors are so very spring. Very nice....

    Have a beautiful day.

  5. Love it, love it,love it. The backing is fantastic and I really like the extensions to the edge of the quilt.

  6. wow, this is gorgeous! I downloaded the large photo for my inspiration folder. I need to make an orange/pink quilt. I chose that colorway for my Project Improv blocks too. Your quilt reminds me that I really need to buy solids once in a while. I like how you used the same fabrics for the whole thing.