Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shells, coral and linen?

I had a basket liner laying around the house that was missing its mate. The basket had an unfortunate mishap with my dog Rocky's teeth. The liner was really cute and I didn't want to throw it out. I decided to cut it up into 5 inch squares. Since the liner is small, I only ended up with 14 squares so I paired it with some 5 inch linen squares. This was also the first time I've worked with linen and I really love it. I think I'm going to start cutting 5" squares out of my favorites so that I can make a large patchwork quilt. I'd forgotten how much I like simple patchwork quilts.
Here's a close up of the quilting details. I love my walking foot. This actually represents the true colors of the quilt. I've been playing with a photo editing software and I couldn't get the top picture right but this one I got in one try. I need to practice some more.

This finished quilt measures 34"x34" and is going to my friend Mali's mom. Her house is very beachy and she loves that seafoam green/blue color.


  1. You were so right to keep the liner fabric and re-use it. It's such a lovely print and sooooo beachy!
    I find I'm getting more into the simple patchwork side of things more too, I think it really shows off the fabrics so much better!
    Have a lovely weekend Chen!