Sunday, May 17, 2009

May quilting bee blocks

I've been putting off making Mary's block for AQB2. She made me 2 awesome blocks and I wanted to make amazing blocks for her too. I looked through a ton of books and saw a bunch of great blocks and then reality set in and I realized I didn't have her mad sewing skillz . I've been making a lot of pinwheels lately so that was the center of my inspiration for this block... This block is the Grecian Square block. The fabric line that Mary sent us was Deb Strain's Bistro and she's calling her quilt "Time for a Coffee Break".

This block is for Colleen in PTQB.
I still need to make Allison's block for PTQB but it involves curved piecing and I get nauseous thinking about it. I've got the fabric cut so at least I'm one step closer. I may see if my friend Maribeth will walk me through it.

I also made a new purse for my sister's niece. I wanted to try a new pattern but I knew I wouldn't carry it . This is for a tween so I went with a hot pink canvas like fabric ...

and a pretty green for the lining.

The pattern is called The 2 hour Tulip purse. Very easy and yes, it only takes about 2 hours.


  1. Very nice-- your first block for Mary reminds me of a clock for some reason (appropriate for her theme)!