Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's done!!!!

If you're looking for the May giveaway post, go here.

My beautiful quilt top from Another Quilting Bee 2 is done! I am beyond excited!!! Look at this beauty...

It's much prettier in person. I tried but I just couldn't get a good picture. The colors are just much more vibrant in person. I had to clip the quilt top to my gutters in order to get a picture of it. It measures 80"x96" and is by far the largest quilt I've made. I added Kona white around each block I received so it would pop. I really wanted each block to stand out. They were all so beautiful. The sashing and borders is Kona cotton in Tarragon ( which I think is my new favorite green). My niece, who has been very "meh" about all my quilts, loves this one. I don't think I can explain the utter feelings of joy when I look at this quilt. You want to know the cool thing about this quilt top? Because everyone put their own spin on each block, I can tell you who made what block just by looking at it. I did not make a single block. They were all done by my fellow quilting bee participants. My real life friends call my blog friends my "imaginary friends". All I can say is I have the best "imaginary friends" a girl could ever ask for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has contributed a block (or two , or three...)! Ya'll have made me quite a happy girl!

Like all great productions, here are the credits: (From left to right)
1st row: Sam, Stephanie, Julie, Stephanie
2nd row: Julie, Sarah G., Sarah C, Kat
3rd row: Rachael, Aimee, Mary, Sam
4th row: Sarah C, Kat, Sarah C, Sarah G
5th row: Stephanie, Michelle, Mary, Anna

P.S. Any suggestions on how to quilt this beauty?


  1. absolutely beautiful! I cant believe how they all came together and look so cohesive! that is a HUGE quilt too! but it will be so nice to cuddle up with. What type of quilting are you going to do? or am i jumping too far ahead?

  2. It's gorgeous, Chen!! I love the soft colors and the white and green sashing - really makes each block stand out. It's just so pretty!! As far as quilting... eek! I have no idea!

  3. Wow, that's so fantastic! I would be terrified to quilt that myself, so no suggestions. But I just wanted to say that it's so beautiful!

  4. You did such a nice job-- I LOVE it. I'd be inclined to either stipple it, or if that sounds scary for something so large, you could do diamonds (straight lines).

  5. Oh my gosh what a talented bunch of ladies, in my favorite colors, it is stunning, I would do grid quilting every 1 1/2 inch or so. Please send those girls to my swaqp starting tomorrow June 1st, how I would love that talented group of girls to join!!
    Enjoy it!!!
    PS Good idea about the gutter!!

  6. Wow I am proud to be part of this quilt, it came out amazing and the white and green work so well, gorgeous....

  7. I LOVE it! Its so cool to see all our blocks together. As I mentioned before, the green sashing was a great choice.

    As far as quilting goes, I really think Rachael's diamond suggestion is a good one.

  8. It's absolutely beautiful - and you'll be reminded of your "imaginary" friends whenever you look at it. And when you wrap yourself in it, you will be embraced by their friendship. Here's to cyber-friends! :)

    Cheers from Germany,

  9. That looks wonderful!! What a great blend of talents!

  10. Love the pattern and colors in this quilt - it's wonderful!

  11. It looks so great! I look forward to my turn. I know I have some great "Imaginary friends" too!

  12. chen, it is AMAZING! so so beautiful! i can't wait to see it quilted.