Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mali's birthday quilt

I'm not good at naming quilts. I like to keep it nice and simple so this one's called "Mali's birthday quilt" . Heh. Mali is one of a small group of my friends that just gets me. She and I have the same sense of humor (very similiar to that of a 13 year old boy) and she's always 100% behind me in every crazy scheme that I've got planned. One of the things I love most about Mali is that she gives 100% to everything she does, whether it be work, being a great mom , crafting or being my sidekick to my newest adventure. It was a given that I'd make her a quilt for her birthday. When I asked what color she wanted her birthday quilt to be, she said pink and I knew we'd be friends forever. This quilt was really easy to put together. I based it on Crazymomquilts Flea Market Fancy quilt. The middle square is 5" and the frames around it 3.5". The border is 2 inches. I had intended to add another 5 inch border around it but I didn't like the fabric I chose. I tried a different one and didn't like that either. After seam ripping the border TWICE because I didn't like the fabric choices, I decided to leave it alone.
For the back, I just framed a really pretty piece of pink and brown print with a brown border and cute dots that I'd originally planned for the front. Umm, I did the math wrong and that's way the bottom strip is so thin. I quilted lines on the diagonal and as you can see, it's a little uneven. It's was my second time doing this technique and let's just say, I need more practice. The great thing about Mali is that she doesn't care. She never sees my mistakes ( at least she doesn't tell me). She's just happy that I made her a quilt. And i'm just happy that she likes it!

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  1. She's right, I do love it, and I saw no imperfection - just a beautiful quilt that I will be able to snuggle under for a very long time!