Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!

My little friend Nathan turns 2 today! Nathan is my friend Ruth's little boy and he is just too cute for words. He's very animated and loves to talk. Unfortunately, I don't usually know what he's saying. However, he's gotten the word "Auntie" down to a science and makes my heart melt when he shouts it. Yes, he doesn't just say "Auntie", he SHOUTS it. You know, just in case I can't hear him. I love that when he wants to give you a fist bump, he puts his little fist in front of you and yells "knuck"!
For his birthday, I made him a sailboat quilt. The pattern came from the book "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts". It was really easy to put together. I think the entire quilt (not including the binding) took me about 7 hours. For the quilting, I free motioned clouds in the sky and waves for the sea (click on the picture for a close up). I added some pictures from this past year and stippled around them.

The flag was a tribute to my friend Rich who loves all things pirate.

Happy Birthday little Nay Nay! Smooches from your Auntie Chen!

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