Monday, March 2, 2009

Lola's Quilt

My friend Ruth's little boy calls his grandma "Lola". Nathan adores his Lola and she worships the ground he walks on! For Nathan's birthday, I made him a quilt.
She loved this quilt and I made a mental note to make her one for her birthday in September as we share the same birthday. I recently went to lunch with Ruth and she mentioned that she had something for me from her mom. At Nathan's birthday party, Lola had a small rice maker and I mentioned that I would like one as the one I have makes enough rice to feed a small army. Apparently Lola took my words to heart and bought me one! I had to reciprocate her kindness and make her quilt ASAP!

I kept the design of the quilt pretty basic. I made 4x4 pictures and put it on fabric paper. I framed each picture with a pretty Asian-like fabric. I used the same fabric for all the blocks so that it wouldn't look too busy. For the sashes and border, I used an ivory fabric that had flecks of gold in it as the main print has bits of gold. The backing is just a piece of blue quilter's cotton and the binding is the fabric from the frames.
I also kept the quilting pretty basic by doing "stitch in the ditch" around each picture and straight line quilting around the frame.
This was an easy project. I started at 4:00 p.m. and was finished by 2:00 a.m. This includes picking out the pictures and printing them, cutting the fabric, dinner breaks for me and the dogs and many snack breaks of Cheez its, peanut M&Ms and diet cokes (the best combo EVER!). I still have to hand sew the binding which I intend to do in front of the tv tomorrow.
I'm never certain of how well received my quilts will be as some people just aren't into handmade things. I have a feeling THIS recipient is going to LOVE her quilt!


  1. I am sure it will be loved and adored! It turned out very cute.

  2. Very cute! Did you print the photos on fabric, or are they removeable paper photos (easier for washing). I've never printed photos on fabric and wondered how difficult it is?